About us |

About us |

Local and sustainable production of fresh, healthy and tasty tilapia

Our business

At Aqua Burundi we are committed to sustainably producing natural Tilapia for better taste for local markets in Burundi and Africa and export markets. We are committed to a sustainable development strategy also creating sustainable employment opportunities and giving local people a better future.

We take our responsibility on environment, economy and social serious, investing in our standards we set and our people with training programs and community upliftment.

By having a responsible fish production operation we have a vision that will benefit local communities through better job opportunities, education and living standards.

Our values

    • Producing and processing locally available raw materials within Burundi itself, to yield the optimum possible number of locally and globally marketable products.
    • Establishing the best possible profitable jobs in Burundi, through sustainable supply chain development and management in high impact potential sectors.
    • Collaborating with local agencies for sustainable commercialisation and growth.